Rapport 2015 du Global Sports Impact : Offre membre SPORSORA!

A la suite de son partenariat pour les 5es Assises de l'économie du sport, Sportcal souhaite vous faire profiter d'une offre exceptionnelle sur le GSI Report 2015.

Lors des 5es Assises SPORSORA de l'économie du sport, nous avons eu l'honneur de recevoir Mike Laflin, CEO de Sportcal, qui avait profité de son intervention pour présenter le rapport 2015 du Global Sports Impact. Dès à présent, la société britannique permet aux membres de SPORSORA de bénéficier de réductions exceptionnelles sur l'achat de ce rapport de qualité.

Les réductions :
  • 25% de réduction pour les entreprises privées - soit un tarif à 3221,25€
  • 50% de réduction pour les formations et détenteurs de droits - soit un tarif à 2147,5€

Selon le nombre de demandes des entreprises privées, la réduction peut être amenée à devenir encore plus intéressante!

Le contenu :

The year 2014 was a big one for sport. The Fifa World Cup in Brazil, the Sochi winter Olympics, four other major multi-sport games and over 70 major world championships took place, covering a wide variety of sports.

Over 13 million people bought tickets for these events and almost 330 million people attended 25 of the leading sporting events of 2014 which included the NBA, NFL, MLB, English Premier League, German Bundesliga and Formula 1.

Sport is big business. But how much do we know about the people that attend these events and how much do we understand about the true impact of these sports?

For the first time in a unique publication, The Global Sports Impact (GSI) Report 2015 analyses the impacts that these events had on their host cities and nations in 2014.

The GSI Report 2015 is the first in a series of annual reports that studies the previous year’s events and assesses them using the methodologies, analytical tools and ratings being developed by Sportcal through its Global Sports Impact (GSI) Project which was established in 2011.

The GSI Project aims to create a standard way in which the various impacts of sports events can be identified, measured and analysed, so providing to sport and all its stakeholders a new and comprehensive way of measuring the real impact of sport.

It aims to challenge the current wisdom and the way in which sports events are measured and communicated today.

Sport is under-valued. The true impact of sport is not really understood. It is currently measured by economic and media impacts, not all of which convey the true picture.

There are no standard methodologies for measuring the impact of sport. Every country, every sport, every consultancy varies in its respective methodologies. It is almost impossible to compare one event with another, as there is little consistency in the way data is gathered and analysed.

The GSI Project is developing a methodology to allow sports federations, event organisers, host cities and nations to use a common methodology to gather and measure information about their events, and to present this in a standard way.

The GSI Report 2015 considers 77 major world events held in 2014 over a series of economic, sporting, media and social indicators, and is packed with data, analysis and case studies on some of the most compelling events of 2014.

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