Publié le 09 juin 2021

ENGIE RASSEMBLEURS D'ENERGIES et Cyclo Power Factory développent des solutions sport & bien être

ENGIE RASSEMBLEURS D'ENERGIES d’Energies is delighted to announce its second “early stage” investment in Cyclo Power Factory.

This French startup founded in 2017 has developed a green fitness solution which transforms physical efforts made by fitness bike users into renewable energy and actions of solidarity. Through the creation of a community, it also intends to raise awareness of eco-gestures and energy sobriety, whether among spectators at the events it organizes, in classic or corporate fitness rooms, in schools or elsewhere.

Cyclo Power Factory company aims at becoming soon an ESUS company thanks to its ethical remuneration, its democratic governance, its limited profitability of capital and a share of income channeled towards association fighting against energy precarity.

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Source: Engie x Cyclo Power Factory