Publié le 01 février 2024

[SPORTFIVE] SPORTFIVE Unveils Strategic Partnership With Management of Tennis Player Alexander Zverev

Hamburg, January 30, 2024 – SPORTFIVE has unveiled a partnership with the management team of Alexander Zverev, consisting of Mischa Zverev and Sergei Bubka. Over the next three years, SPORTFIVE will exclusively work with the team, to join forces with a strategic focus on enhancing Alexander’s global presence and fostering international partnerships across diverse markets, including Europe, USA and Asia. Zverev, recognized for his prowess on the court and charismatic persona off it, aligns well with SPORTFIVE's dedication to excellence and innovation. 

SPORTFIVE has announced an exclusive partnership with the management of tennis player Alexander Zverev. This three-year strategic alliance will leverage SPORTFIVE's network and infrastructure to work together with his management in promoting Zverev, emphasizing the elevation of his global brand presence and the cultivation of international partnerships across key markets. 

Acknowledged as a representation of the modern tennis player, Zverev showcases a powerful serve, formidable forehand, commanding backhand and versatile court skills. His on-court attitude, coupled with a well-established track record, positions him as a leading figure among the established players in world tennis. 

Zverev's recent achievements include leading Germany to victory in the United Cup in Australia, securing the Gold Medal at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, and attaining the second-place ATP ranking. With a record of 21 tournament victories, 11 finals, and two ATP Finals Championships, Zverev consistently competes at the highest level on the global tennis stage. He recently reached the semi-final stage at the 2024 Australian Open in Melbourne.

“I am excited to commence this partnership with SPORTFIVE, who will assist in leveraging the Zverev team globally”


Beyond his success on the court, Zverev boasts a strong social media presence, with more than 2 million followers among his channels, drawing audiences from the USA, Italy and Germany. In addition to his athletic prowess, Zverev actively champions awareness around Type-1 Diabetes through the Alexander Zverev Foundation. 

SPORTFIVE will also work with the current team of the Alexander Zverev Foundation in its sales efforts, amplifying the impact of their collaboration on and off the court.

Speaking on the partnership, Ron Wiegand, Senior Vice President, Global Athlete & Team at SPORTFIVE said, “We are excited to embark on this partnership with Team Zverev. This collaboration signifies SPORTFIVE's ongoing commitment to fostering the growth of international sports icons and building brand alliances. By joining the Zverev family, we aim to elevate not only the presence of Alexander Zverev in the world of tennis but also contribute to the continued innovation and excellence that define both SPORTFIVE and the broader realm of sports.”

Alexander Zverev commented, “I am excited to commence this partnership with SPORTFIVE, who will assist in leveraging the Zverev team globally.” Mischa Zverev added, “SPORTFIVE’s dedication to excellence and innovation resonates with our goals, both on and off the court. This collaboration signifies not only a strategic alliance but a shared commitment to achieving new heights in the world of tennis. Together we anticipate embarking on this journey of growth, success and impactful connections.”