Publié le 22 février 2024

[SPORTFIVE] FC Schalke 04 Commit to Long-Term Partnership With SPORTFIVE


The Royal Blues are breaking new ground in the distribution of sponsorship and hospitality through their partnership with SPORTFIVE. The partnership with the global marketing agency is set to run for five years and is individually tailored to the needs of S04.

The marketing rights and thus the decision-making authority on commercial issues will remain entirely with the club and they will continue to be the direct contractual partner of the sponsors. The partnership management and the comprehensive support of sponsors and hospitality partners will continue to be carried out independently by the club, as will the implementation of the rights. SPORTFIVE will oversee the club's sales operations, with the global marketing agency setting up a designated team to work on behalf of FC Schalke 04.

With this powerful cooperation, the Management Board, led by its Chairman Matthias Tillmann, has achieved its first key objective for this year, the strategic realignment of the sales division. SPORTFIVE'S comprehensive network of over 600 employees spread across 25 locations throughout Germany, and the agency's in-depth market knowledge will create a new dynamic that will have a stabilizing effect in the short term and a positive impact on sales in the medium term.

Through consistent digitalization and the development of innovative ideas, the two partners will work together to further develop the content of sales and create new sales opportunities.

"Together with SPORTFIVE, we will work in partnership to successfully leverage the potential of the FC Schalke 04 brand in sponsorship. Our sales power will be more than tripled in one fell swoop. Together with SPORTFIVE's expertise, we will be able to realize the targeted new deals in a difficult market environment for all clubs in the short term, i.e. already with a view to the coming season. This will noticeably increase our planning security for the near and medium term," explains Matthias Tillmann.

"The partnership also offers us the opportunity to explore new, innovative avenues in sponsorship beyond the pure sales potential. I'm thinking in particular of digitalization in the hospitality sector and the potential of the Knappenschmiede."

Hendrik Schiphorst, Managing Director of SPORTFIVE Germany said, "We would like to thank Matthias Tillmann and Christina Rühl-Hamers for the trust they have placed in us and are very much looking forward to working with them. FC Schalke 04 is one of the biggest clubs in the world with an enormous charisma and open culture. We are proud to now be part of the S04 family and to support the club with our marketing and digitalization expertise with immediate effect. Together, we will restructure the sales organization and take sponsorship and hospitality sales to the next level."


Source : Sportfive